Wind industry launches Solution Wind campaign ahead of COP21



 The wind industry is launching a global public awareness campaign entitled “Solution Wind” in the 12 months leading up to the crucial COP21 climate negotiations in Paris.

Initiated by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), the campaign will show how wind energy provides the most efficient way of solving the challenges of combatting dangerous climate change and allowing economic development through electrification.

Solution Wind is being launched at an event at the COP20 negotiations in Lima, Peru, today.

The campaign is aimed at showing policy makers, business leaders and the wider public that wind energy is already making a major contribution to solving the world’s energy challenges, from industrial powerhouses like Germany to large developing countries like China and Brazil and newly electrifying countries in Africa.

“We want to show the world that we are “ready to go”, providing real solutions for halting climate change and meeting growing power demand right now,” says EWEA CEO Thomas Becker. “We want to show that decarbonising the power sector with economic growth is entirely feasible.

Sonia Lioret, secretary general of the French Wind Energy Association, says: “The Climate negotiation conference that will take place in Paris in 2015 should and will be a major step in reducing global warming. France is ambitious and responsible in bringing together the different actors in climate negotiations. We, as the French Wind Energy Association are actively engaged in the COP and are convinced that all countries, especially emerging and developing economies have an important role to play.

As a mainstream technology, wind energy is already the largest source of electricity in several countries. As the cost of wind power has dropped significantly, it is already the lowest-cost form of new electricity generation in many places around the world. Increasingly wind energy is providing socio-economic solutions to growing economies by accelerating rural electrification, reducing poverty and developing communication infrastructure.

The campaign will involve sustainable corporations, wind industry companies, institutions, well-known public figures and those whose lives are being transformed by wind energy around the slogan #solutionwind

“Wind is a solution on so many levels, from big economies struggling to change their ageing power mixes to the small community looking to electrify and increase its economic opportunities” says Solution Wind coordinator Ben Backwell. “Over the coming months, the world is going to see just how important wind energy has become, culminating in a series of major happenings in the run up to COP21.”

For more information contact:
Ben Backwell, Coordinator Solution Wind
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