November 30, 2014

About us

#SolutionWind is a campaign run by a consortium of wind energy associations which profiles wind power as a mainstream industry that is not only clean but can also meet the world’s energy needs in a cost-effective way.

Within the context of COP21 Climate Change negotiations in Paris, wind energy is high on the agenda as a key strategy that can help countries meet their climate change targets.

The wind industry has come a long way, from a niche technology just 15 years ago to a mainstream player today. Many business leaders are seeing that wind makes prudent business sense and are making substantial, long-term investments in the energy. More and more major global companies are turning to wind as their primary renewable energy source as they move – or already have become – 100% renewable or carbon-neutral.

So we decided to interview the CEOs of leading brands like Unilever, SAP, BNP Paribas, AVEDA and many others in order to tell us why they are investing in wind energy. The results are impressive and show how wind energy is helping these companies decrease their carbon emissions and become more sustainable at little or no cost. See all their interviews.

Today, more than ever, it is clear that wind energy not only offers a clean, scalable solution to global warming – it also makes good business sense.

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